From time to time I have heard this argument over and over again. The argument that I have heard is people arguing about what is Hip Hop. Some may say it’s a genre of music and other say it’s a culture. I say Hip Hop is both and more. There is a reason why I come to this conclusion, and that reason is a word in the English language may have two or more completely different meanings.

An example of this is the word Republican. If you ask most people “What is a Republican?” most will say someone who is in or supports the Republican Party. If you ask others a few will say someone who believes in a Republic form of government. Is one group wrong and the other right, the answer is no. It is both of these definitions, well it is the same thing with the respects to Hip Hop. It has many meanings.

For some Hip Hop is a culture, for others Hip Hop is any music with a rapper, and another group may see Hip Hop as a rap song with a positive message. It is every thing that is stated above, every single thing and more. I think it is counter productive to have an argument about what is Hip Hop. Hip Hop means different things to many people. There is no one meaning that is the absolute meaning of Hip Hop. The questions we should ask is, not what is Hip Hop but what Hip Hop is not.

You can find more information like this at Hip Hop Facts.

Thank you and enjoy.

By: Kevin Cox

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You can find more information like this at Hip Hop Facts.
Thank you and enjoy.

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