www.vmusicbook.com sells an e-book, which provides solutions for most issues that unsigned musicians experience.

VmusicBook was created for those who wish to set up and successfully run an independent music business, especially for the URBAN markets such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Drum & Bass and all other Dance genres including UK Grime.

VmusicBook is one of the first music resources of its kind. It is said to be the most comprehensive and detailed directories sold online giving you direct access to 100s of important contacts.

VmusicBook is an invaluable business tool for unsigned talent looking to turn their talents or skills into a legal business. No matter what you do if it is creative and entertaining then this is without doubt for you.

The VmusicBook was made for unsigned artists and musicians, label owners, music producers, songwriters, engineers and mangers. Get your music or songs into television, films and commercials.

Hip-hop has been a very popular form of music since for the last few decades and most people like to listen to it. Even though hip-hop sounds so complicated but it can be learnt easily. You can also learn with the help of e-books. Learning it from the Hip-Hop Music e-Books it a very convenient way and has some other advantages as well.

Where you can find them

There are a large number of websites where you can find the Hip-Hop Music e-Books. Generally, they are not free and you will need to download them first. However, the cost is much lower than an actual Hip-Hop music book. Thus, the e-books will also save some money.

How are they useful

The Hip-Hop Music e-Books can be used in the same way and to the same effect as the conventional books. Moreover, e-book versions of the popular conventional books for learning Hip-Hop music are available. Therefore, if you want you can also use such e-books.

What e-Books provide

• You will get all the information about Hip-Hop music through the Hip-Hop Music e-Books. They teach you right from the beginning i.e. what Hip-Hop music is, why people like it, the different aspects involved in Hip-Hop music like raps, turntable, music instruments, the human beat boxing, etc.

• The music instruments like drum machine, sampler, and synthesizer are not at all difficult to learn. You will be able to learn them within no time with the help of Hip-Hop Music e-Books. E-books offer a lot of training on playing instruments. They also have some samples for better understanding and learning. Breath beats also are very important in Hip-Hop music and the e-books will teach you to effectively use breath beats while playing Hip-Hop music.

• Rapping is the most crucial as well as difficult aspect of Hip-Hop music. To learn rapping you will need some time, understanding the different things related to rapping. Therefore, it cannot be learnt from a professional. Just observation of rapping in the popular hip-hop music tracks and along with it, the e-books are helpful for this purpose. The Hip-Hop Music e-Books will provide you the basics, tips, as well as number of samples along with analysis of raps.

• In addition to teaching you Hip-Hop music, the Hip-Hop Music e-Books will also provide you information about how you can get into the Hip-Hop industry. This is important because, there are several important things, which you need to know about the Hip-Hop industry before you enter into it.


There are several advantages of Hip-Hop Music e-Books. They are available in different formats and therefore you they can be easily downloaded on your computer. As you may know, e-books do not require much storage space and about 500 e-books can be stored on a single CD.

Moreover reading the e-books is much more convenient than the paper books. You can adjust their font, color, etc. Some computer software also helps to search the e-book for finding what you want. Some Hip-Hop Music e-Books are editable therefore; you can add you own notes as well.

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