Fashion will always be a part of our lives. Not all people are attracted to what is new and hip, and styles vary with every person’s tastes. Even so, every time you walk out the door and stop to look in the mirror if your clothes are suited accordingly, you are trying to make a good fashionable impression.

Fashion is a general term that describes whether something fits with the popular mode of expression at a given time. But, at that specific time there may be a lot of expression modes taking place, and none related to the other. If something is fashionable at that point, that means it fits one of those styles. Let’s talk about the evolution of hip hop clothing.

This is a trend that started with the early hip hop singers like LL Cool J, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow and many others. While there were a lot of things that made a statement about the newly founded culture, like haircuts and jewelry, the most important of them all was hip hop clothing.

Back then, the clothes were mostly black-green-and-red. The 80s hip hop fashion also implied dreadlocks as haircuts and Africa chains as jewelry, which stated that this culture was a part of your life. With the passing of time and the evolution of the music, hip hop clothing also took a turn.

The 1990s brought with them baseball caps and colored clothes for some. Other singers were inspired by prison uniforms, which turned into the no belt fashion. The hip hop clothing trends in America were also divided according to regions. The west favored flannel shirts and sneakers, while the east was often represented by hooded tops and boots. Southern trend introduced gold teeth as fashionable.

The late 1990s also introduced new entries. Mafioso style became popular with alligator skin shoes and hats, with Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. as the pioneers, but also shiny suits with platinum jewelry were then a pleasant combination, something usually worn by P. Diddy.

All fashion trends started from a hip hop star. Whatever they decided was fashionable, the hip hop honeys embraced without a second thought. Everyone was free to decide what clothes they would wear to make a statement, but not all clothes were in tone with the current trends.

You may wonder what I mean by hip hop honeys. Well, these are the people that follow this culture anytime, anywhere. They know exactly what the new trends are, the kind of clothes that can be matched and what jewelry to wear with those clothes.

In the early days, hip hop honeys could find clothes to fit their tastes and culture in a relatively small number of brick and mortar stores. However, since the internet has now become more like a necessity than a whim, the stores have taken a virtual form. It takes only a computer, an internet connection and a few clicks to reach a reliable source of hip hop clothing.

This is good new for hip hop honeys, but how do you know which store is reliable. Well, to avoid becoming the victim of a scam, you should visit Low priced limited editions of high quality fashionable clothes are at home on this website.

By: Amelie Mag

About the Author:

Thirty years ago, hip hop clothing did not play a very important role in the fashion industry. Be that as it may, today the once isolated trend has grown into a world wide culture and hip hop honeys can be found all over the world dressing and acting like their favorite stars.

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