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Hip-hop music has become one of the most popular styles of music in United States of America. It consists of two components such as rapping and record scratching. These two components when combined with break dancing and graffiti develop the important elements of hip-hop music. If you wish to enter in the field of hip-hop beat production, you need to understand more about hip-hop music.

Hip-Hop beat production

Modern hip-hop beat production utilizes sequencers, samplers, turntables, synthesizers, drum machines and live instrumentation. Hip-hop production may involve a drum beat, a bassline, sampled music or originally sequenced loops. Beat and vocals are two basic parts of typical hip-hop song. Sampling and beats are the basic elements for producing the hip-hop music.


Sampling is an integral part of hip-hop bit production. Samples are taken from the records and imported into the sequencers or samplers. Producers generally opt for creating totally original recordings using the computer-generated beats. Re-record or overdub the sampled part with the live musician is another solution.


The drum beat is another important element of hip-hop beat production. It is very essential to understand the beats to know the hip-hop construction. Beats include the following-

• MIDI Drum patterns or audio drum loops which include the complete drum tracks

• A Bassline (MIDI sequence)

• Dubs and snips (samples that accent and give character)

• Supporting orchestration (could be synch pads, horns, string sections)

The beat can be short or long and it is 8 bars in its shortest form. If long, it may consist of different parts for the chorus and verse and may add introduction, break and ending.

The vocal tracks in the hip-hop song consist of

• Main vocal-main vocalist performs the rap

• Second vocal- a guest vocal or second vocal that takes a verse

• Background vocals-created to offer a sense of participation by a whole group

• Overdubbed vocals-the main vocal may be doubled, tripled or quadrupled during the chorus and other parts


For hip-hop beat production, a multi-track recorder is typically used for recording. Nowadays, digital ADAT tape recorders have become popular. Use of a PC as a multi-track recorder with or without outboard can be good alternative. Professional producers generally prefer the condenser microphone for studio recording because of their high quality and wide-range response. The dynamic microphone is a primary alternative to expensive condenser microphone.


Hardware samplers have been involved in hip-hop beat production. Samplers outfitted with pads such as MV8000 and MPC can be conveniently used. Software samplers such as Kontakt 2, Halion, Gigastudio, Battery are quite good and can provide more flexibility if your computer is capable to run inside a sequencer. A control pad surface like the Akai MPD16 can be used to provide some hardware control over your software.


Synthesizers are frequently used for hip-hop beat production. They are used for basslines, melody, for sound synthesis and as percussive stabs. In addition to the analog synthesizer, old FM synths such as cheap Casios, the DX7 and its offspring and other digital synths can be useful for hip-hop elements.

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