Hip Hop Abs®


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Core strengthening is the primary way to improve the appearance and flexibility of the torso.  It is claimed that the abdominal muscles are the center of our fitness and strength, and when the abs are strong, our backs remain in fit condition as well.  Shaun T., in his Hip Hop Abs® DVD uses the steady rhythm of hip hop music to demonstrate training techniques that target the upper and lower abdominals and obloquies, and you may even burn some excess fat from the body if you keep your heart rate elevated during the workout.

Program at a Glance

The program is a multi-DVD workout set that shows how the “tilt, tuck, and tighten” technique can be done to hip hop music.  You could do the moves to any music for that matter.

Program in Focus

An instructional DVD will walk, or shall we say, dance you through a 13-minute abdominal strengthening program.  A Fat Burning Cardio workout is also used to burn calories and improve weight loss efforts. Two other workouts are included in the purchase, Ab Sculpt and Total Body Burn. Both are claimed to provide the variety needed to stay focused on fitness.  The Total Body Burn is an aerobic dance workout combined with muscle strengthening movement.


30-day risk-free guarantee Hip Hop Abs® may be used for aerobic as well as muscle strengthening workouts The Hip Hop Abs® program includes information on nutrition for weight loss Hip Hop Abs® offers a fun way to tone the abs and lose weight



Hip Hop Abs® may not be for everyone; you definitely need to appreciate the music genre in order to enjoy the workout.


Final Thoughts

Hip Hop Abs® certainly seems to keep the fun in fitness, if you are into Hip Hop music, of course.  The product guarantee makes it a safe option, and you may find you have more Hip Hop in you than you thought.  As far as using the DVDs for rounding out your weight loss program, you may need to look elsewhere for further assistance on dieting methods.  We advise looking for reputable weight loss supplements that are guaranteed and supported by satisfied customer testimonials.  Usually, the most reputable companies use ingredients that enhance the body’s ability to burn calories and suppress the appetite while following calorie-controlled diet.  Whatever you decide on, Hip Hop Abs® will be a great way to enhance your abs in the convenience of your home.

By: Shane Crafton

About the Author:

Shane Crafton is a diet editor, who’s team specializes in health, fitness and weight loss reporting.
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