Hip hop is a cultural movement which originated from New York in the 1970s. Rapping, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti art are considered the main components of hip hop culture. Hip-hop music style consists of a rhytmic style of speaking (rap) over backing beats which are played by a DJ. Although rap is often confused with hip hop, it is not quite the same thing. Rapping is a vocal style which implies a performer speaking rhythmically to a beat and it is usually a component of hip-hop. Hip hop music was inspired from funk or disco songs, from which it borrowed the beats. Since 1979, it has entered the American mainstream and became a popular genre. In 1990s, a form called “gangsta rap” evolved. Today, hip-hop is in vogue not only in the USA, but also in the entire world.

The rise of hip hop was not arbitrary. It happened in the 1970s, when people were tired of dance and rock and needed a change. But that was not the only reason. There were also some social and political causes. Hip-hop’s popularity grew in the same time with the power of black and Latino gangs. Hip hop became a protest against middle-class white community from the poor black community living in “ghettos”. The lyrics spoke about the reality in ghettos which wasn’t exactly peachy. Consequently, hip-hopers used their music to express their feelings and frustrations. Of course, what begun as a poor class’s protest transformed into a million dollars industry, but that is another story.

Today, hip hop is listened to not only by Afro Americans, but also by white people. In fact, many successful hip hopers are white, an example being the notorious rapper Eminem. Hip-hop fans have their own way of dressing (with large clothes usually, baggie pants, bandanas, tattoos, sportswear and gold or platinum chains) and speaking. Consequently, we can say that hip-hop is more than just music and has turned into a life style for many. However, given the popularity of rap music, there are very many artists and the competition between them is fierce. The question is how can a young artist, at the beginning of his career, become popular and make himself a name? How can he obtain the attention of a producer who can help him to get into show business? The first step would be to record a hip hop mixtape and send it to several important music studios. The problem is that these studios receive thousands of records everyday. Many young artists, charmed by the mirage of easy success and fame, knock at the doors of music studios with a hip hop mixtape in their hands.

What every aspiring hip hoper must know is that there are web sites where you can post your songs in order for thousands of interested listeners to hear them. If you are lucky, you will receive an offer from one of the music studios and get to record your first album. The most important thing is to believe in your talent and not to give up easily. Send your hip hop mixtape to all the producers that you have heard of. Even if you don’t get any feedback at first, don’t lose hope. If you are talented, your hip hop mixtape will eventually be listened to by someone who realizes your potential. The road to success is not as easy as it may seem; it requires hard work, talent and maybe a bit of good luck, but in the end it will be all worth it.

By: Ken Wilson

About the Author:

Hip hop is one of the most popular music genres today. Invented in 1970s in New York, the hip-hop has roots in African-American and African music. Nowadays, many people listen to hip-hop because they identify themselves with its message. Every young artist who wants to make it into the rap industry must send a hip hop mixtape to producers and hope that someone will recognize their talent.

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