The influence that television has cast on the younger generation has not only been evident in their behavior and clothing choices, but also in their gravitation towards flashy jewelry. Unfortunately, as many hip hop jewelry enthusiasts have learned, not all manufacturers create their jewelry to the same standard. Some employ techniques in the manufacturing process that greatly increase the durability and life longevity of their product, while others focus on merely increasing their own profit margin. This results in jewelry that is of a sub-par quality and thus prone to having only a short lifespan. Consumers that are new to the market often unknowingly purchase low quality hip hop chains or bracelets and ultimately lose their interest in this trendy fashion accessory. There are some key things which set high quality hip hop jewellery apart from its lower-quality counterparts. This article will deal with these key factors as to pinpoint what consumers should best look out for in their shopping journey.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of high quality hip hop jewellery is its substantial plating thickness. Since this type of jewelry consists of a non-precious metal core, it is susceptible to discoloration. Prolonged use can diminish plating thickness in some areas to the point where the metal core is exposed. This often renders it un-wearable. High caliber imitation jewelry features a thick gold or silver plating which allows it to outlast considerably more abuse. This increased durability allots consumers the ability to enjoy their jewelry for years to come while at the same time gives them the opportunity to save some money.

Those who have shopped for jewelry in the past should know that karat rating is also an important indicator of quality. Karat ratings refer to the purity of the jewelry, and as such, the higher you climb the karat scale, the higher quality jewelry you are dealing with. Color depth and overall appearance of a particular accessory manufactured of gold or silver substantially increase as the karat rating increases. Quality hip hop chains, rings, or bracelets are almost always plated with a precious metal that exceeds a 10K rating. This gives them a very legitimate look that’s hard to dismiss.

Finally, the stones used in hip hop accessorizes also shed some insight on their quality. The “iced” jewelry that many rappers adorn in music videos has grown quite popular. Since the majority of people can’t afford jewelry that is heavily studded with diamonds, imitation jewelry manufacturers have instead chosen to use alternatives. The more profit-motivated manufacturers use artificial materials (such as acrylic) to mimic the look of the diamonds. The authenticity of such “diamonds” can easily come under question. High quality products, on the other hand, feature actual stones, such as cubic zirconia stones. These have a much more “real” look and are considerably more durable.

The aforementioned factors are just a few of the things consumers should look out for when in the market for high quality hip hop jewellery. These products have grown more and more affordable and have at the same time skyrocketed in quality. If you’ve given these products a chance in the past and have been dissatisfied, it is time to take another look.

By: Harveen Harveen

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