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Are you thinking of becoming a famous Hip Hop artist and want to your music to be featured in films and TV? Here are some tips that can help you get your hip-hop beats on film & TV. While thinking about becoming famous make sure that although fame is a wonderful thing, it is not easy to attain, however it is surely reachable through various ways. You will get famous personalities in all the fields, including politics, acting, sports or entertainment. There are several ways to become famous in every field and if you try to find out those ways, you will be able to achieve success in your filed.

How to get Your Hip-Hop Beats On film & TV

Once you become familiar with the entertainment industry, you will find there is a massive number of hopeful artists but very few of them become successful. In such condition, you should try to find out why only few of the aspiring actors become successful. If you try to find out the reasons, you will realize that it requires one to be industrious, properly skilled, hard working and widely experienced to become a successful in any field. If you want to get your Hip-Hop Beats On film & TV, you will have to build up the act of adopting stage names. Many successful personalities have done so to improve their fame and become memorable forever. If you see an example of Ray Charles, whose name was Ray Robinson had to accept a pen name as there was already a boxer of the same name.

Use English or anglicized names to get your Hip-Hop Beats on film & TV

So many successful personalities have used this trick to become a successful professional in their fields. For example, people, who had migrated from other parts of the world to America, adopted pen names to hide their colonizer identities. Robert Zimmerman, one of the great musicians, is famous as Bob Dylan in the industry. The second option to become famous is to adopt a single word as your stage name. Suppose your name is Gilchrist Christopher, you can make it famous as Gilly instead of using full name. You can also take some tips from celebrities who have officially changed their names to become successful artists.

Discover your voice to Get Your Hip-Hop Beats On film & TV

You will have to discover your voice to become famous as well as to Get Your Hip-Hop Beats On film & TV. Whether you are a comedian or a musician, you should have the capability to speak on mass level and make them involved in listening to you. You can do this by showing advertisements of your Hip Hop beats on TV and film. While talking in front of camera or on mass level, you need to use your assurance fully because if you speak in lower tone it will show your lack of confidence.

Use the Poetics of Hip Hop to Get Your Hip-Hop Beats On film & TV

If you try the method of analysis of Hip Hop music and lines, people can understand it easily due to diction, beat, variety and sound of music and song. It will help the people find out common features between hip-hop beats and songs. In this way, you can use various types of tricks to Get Your Hip-Hop Beats On film & TV.

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