Music is a thing that makes you happy, that makes you dance, that makes you feel excited. When you can’t keep control over your emotions, music plays the role of the perfect dozzier by bringing emotional balance to your soul. Music knows no boundaries – penetrating race, religion, location, music has long played the role of a spiritual healer all over the globe. Nokia, the numero uno mobile phone maker is the successful introducer of music feature in their mobile handsets.

Nokia has released several mobile handsets with music capabilities in the last few years. After the huge success of the N-Series mobile phones, Nokia shift a focus a bit and concentrated primarily on manufacturing Xpress Music mobile phones like Nokia 5310, Nokia 5610, Nokia 5700 and Nokia 5300. These phones are high on music capabilities and produce very impressive sound effect.

Here we will see the features of the recently launched music phones – the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music and the Nokia 5610 Xpress Music. The Nokia 5310 Xpress Music is a stylish candybar phone measuring 103.8 x 44.7 x 9.9 mm and weighing 71 grams. The Nokia 5310 Xpress Music phone has a 16 million colour TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The music player supports a variety of formats like MP3/MP4/AAC/eAAc/WMA. Other noticeable features include 2 megapixel camera with 1600×1200 pixels, stereo FM radio with RDS, WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (Opera mini), 30MB internal memory, microSD (TransFlash) card etc.

Now we come to the features of the slider designed Nokia 5610 Xpress Music. The Nokia 5610 Xpress Music measures 98.5 x 48.5 x 17 mm and has got a weight of 111 grams. Display is big and clear – it’s a 2.2 inch 16 million colour TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The music player is smart enough to support formats like MP3/MP4/AAC/eAAc/WMA. Among other noticeable features mention may especially be made of 3.15 megapixel camera, secondary QVGA videocall camera, Bluetooth with A2DP, WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (Opera mini), stereo FM radio with RDS, built-in handsfree, 20MB internal memory, microSD (TransFlash), memory card support etc.

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Soul Music has its beginnings in Gospel and R&B of the 1940s and 1950s.  They both had  major influences on key soul singers including Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, just to name a couple.

The birthplace of Soul Music, to be quite honest is unknown.  What is known? The United States inner cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Florence, Memphis, and New York, all created and produced their own soul music styles based on their demographics at the same time, thus making a “beautiful mixture“ of  sound variety across the states for us all to enjoy.

In the 1970s, Hip Hop was born, which had a huge  influence on the Soul Music that followed.  New Jack Swing (aka Swing Beat), which combined Soul, Hip Hop, Gospel and Jazz, was absolutely rocking.

Disco and Funk Music also came to fruition in the 1970s, and started to decline in the early 1980s.  Undoubtedly, Soul Music was now being influenced by Electro Music and Funk – it became known as Contemporary R&B which was, and still is, great!.

House and Techno rose to mainstream popularity in the late 1980s and remained popular in the 1990s and 2000s.  Also starting in the 1980s, Soul Music from the United Kingdom became very popular – cheers mate!.

The development of Neo-Soul started around 1994.  This was due to mainstream record label marketing support for soul genres diminishing in the 2000s, as  the industry re-focused on Hip Hop – somewhat of a master stroke by the powers that be.

The many genres of Soul Music and R&B have reached a point, well before now of course, where they are now sub-divided into subgenres.  To be side tracked, even though I have not mentioned it above, true Soul Music connoisseurs know that Rock and Roll was, literally, born from Soul Music and Rhythm and Blues….another day, another article.


Detroit (Motown) Soul Music

Strongly rhythmic and influenced by gospel music – includes hand clapping, a powerful bass line – called “dub“, Violins and Bells.

Deep Soul and Southern Soul Music

A driving, energetic soul style combining R&B’s energy with pulsating – down south, Gospel Music.

Memphis Soul Music

A shimmering, sultry style of soul music produced in the 1960s and 1970s – includes melancholic and melodic horns, organ, bass, and drums – truly remarkable.

New Orleans Soul Music

Directly came out of the R&B era – deep.

Chicago Soul Music

A light gospel-influenced sound – emotional.

Philadelphia Soul Music

AKA Philly Soul – Orchestral sound and “doo-wop” vocals.

Psychedelic Soul Music

A blend of psychedelic rock and soul music, which paved the way for funk music a few years later – yeah buddy!.

Blue-eyed Soul Music

Performed by white artists, it has evolved over decades and to a lesser extent, the term has been applied to singers in other music genres that are influenced by Soul Music – Kenny G is truly a great artist.

Neo Soul Music

A musical blend of 1970s soul-style vocals and instrumentation with contemporary R&B sounds, hip hop beats and poetic interludes – to chill out!.

Northern Soul and Modern Soul Music

Rare Soul Music that was played by DJs at nightclubs in northern England – includes obscure 1960s and early 1970s American soul recordings – It‘s the vibes that matter.

Nu-Jazz and soulful electronica Music

Various genres of electronic music such as House, Drum & Bass, UK Garage, and Down tempo – the fusion is “you are on one!”

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Memphis is a city that sits in the southwest corner of Tennessee and is the county seat of Shelby County. Memphis rises above the Mississippi River on the Chickasaw Bluff which is just south of the mouth of the Wolf River. The estimated population of Memphis is over 670, 000 which makes it the largest city in the state of Tennessee. It is also the second largest city in the entire southeastern region of the United States only behind Jacksonville, Florida. Memphis is the youngest of the four major cities in Tennessee which include Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville. It seems hard to believe that it is the youngest of these four cities because music from Memphis has been around for so long.

Music from Memphis first began in the early 1920s with the introduction of the blues sound. Some of the most popular musicians credited for the beginning of Memphis blues are Frank Stokes, Sleepy John Estes, Furry Lewis, and Memphis Minnie. The music from Memphis in the blues era was largely based around simple guitar sounds and jug bands. Jug bands were exactly what they sound like, a jug that is made into an instrument which when blown upon the opening, emits a lovely and musical sound. The pitches can be altered by increasing or decreasing the space between the mouth and the opening of the jug. Jugs that are made into musical instruments are typically made of glass or stoneware.

Some other unusual instruments that were used to produce music from Memphis during the blues era are harmonicas, violins, mandolins, banjos and kazoos.

In addition to the blues music from Memphis, there was also a large genre of music known as soul that originated from the area. Memphis soul music is a subset of the genre of soul music. Soul music emerged in the late 1950s in African American neighborhoods in Chicago, Memphis, Detroit and Philadelphia. It began when artists like Sam Cooke and Ray Charles started to merge traditional gospel with R&B music. Soul music revolved around two record labels; Stax Records and Hi Records. Stax Records produced all the songs from songwriters and musicians in the entire Memphis area. Hi Records used a nearby studio to record their songs and with Stax, brought soul music to a national level. Music from Memphis has had a large influence on the way we look at and feel about music today and without it, it is safe to assume that the sounds of music today would be completely different.

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Soul Legend Johnnie Gee

Singer, Songwriter. Johnnie Gee was born September 29, 1958, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to an African-American working-class family. He was the 3rd of seven children. (Sisters: Jean “Jackie”, Ida and “Juanita”, (Brothers: Dewitt, and Jerome. Johnnie began his musical career at the age of 6 as the drummer and later became the lead singer of the Step By Step band who formed in 1969.  .

His father, D.W Gee, served the in U.S Army and fought in Korean War. As a Journeyman Steamfitter D.W Gee was one of the first black welders to work for Wisconsin Electric Company. Being a kid at heart and a playful child at age 9, Johnnie Gee was struck by a car while trying to cross the streets close to his home, after finding out the person who hit him was a jeweler, Johnnie Gee asked his parents to buy him Drums and other musical equipment with his share of the settlement he received.  Believing his sons had talent, Mr. Gee molded them into a musical group in the Mid 70s. The Gee Family performers consisted of Lil Johnnie Gee, Dewitt, Jerome, and a few neighborhood friends who joined the band, In these early years the Step By Step Band consisted of 12 members, Johnnie Gee, Jerome Gee, Dewitt Gee, Ronald Purfoy, Greg McDonald, Greg Emmerson, Delaney Henderson, Michael Brown, Lee Hicks, Steve Barry, Jeff McCledon, Chester LeBron, and Raymond Jones.  Johnnie Gee started out on Drums and later emerged as the group’s lead vocalist. He showed remarkable range and depth for such a young performer, impressing audiences with his ability to convey complex emotions with a perfect vocal pitch.

In 1972 after many rehearsals and tightening up their musical skills Johnnie Gee decided to name the group “The Exclusive Step By Step Band”, behind the scenes, Mr. Gee pushed his sons to succeed, Johnnie and his brothers spent endless hours rehearsing and polishing up their act. At first, “Step By Step” band played local gigs and built a strong following. They recorded one single on their own; “Time After Time” with the b-side “She’s Gone,” both songs generated a lot of interest around the country and played on popular radio stations.

The Step By Step band moved on to working an opening act for such R&B artists as Ray Goodman & Brown, The Stylistics, The Chi-lites, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Blue Magic, The Bloodstones, James Brown, and Sam and Dave. Many of these performers were signed to the legendary Brunswick, Platinum and other major record labels back in the 70’s, and it has been reported that Tim Butler may have been the one to tell Brunswick Records founder Nat Tarnopol about the Step By Step Band. Impressed by the group, Tarnopol signed them to his label in 1975.

Traveling back and forth to Chicago, IL, Johnnie and his brothers started work on their music and dancing with their mother (Elgie Gee) and father as their managers. In August 1975, the Step By Step Band was introduced to the music industry at a special event, and later served as the opening act for the Moments. Their first album, I Always Wanted to Be in the Band, hit the charts in December of that year. It’s first single; “Cash Money” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in January 1976.

For several years, the Step By Step maintained a busy tour and recording schedule, under the supervision of Ms. Gee and Brunswick Records staff. Benny Clark, Johnnie Gee and Timothy Butler wrote some of the songs recorded by the group and by Johnnie Gee as a solo artist. The group became so popular that they purchased their own tour bus. By any measurement, Step By Step Band must be considered one of the most important Soul Music groups of the past 30 years. Originally a regionally popular group in the Midwest the group was together for a three years before getting a contract with Brunswick Records.

Step By Step remained with Brunswick Records until 1976, wanting more artistic freedom they felt they had to move on and work with several labels. The group name Step By Step Band had to be changed as it was owned by the Gee family, so each member reverted to solo careers. Dewitt (Boogie ‘D’) Gee went on to play with the famous Parliament/Funkadelic. Johnnie Gee had a number of popular records, in total made 5 singles between the years of 1976 and 1989.

In 1979 Johnnie Gee enlisted in Uncle Sam’s Army, US Armed Forces for 3 ½ years and completed his tour with an Honorable Discharge. Johnnie Gee didn’t waste anytime getting right back in the music saddle and recorded for several top bands and studios in

Milwaukee, Johnnie Gee teamed up with the popular Trumpet player Benny Emmerson who worked with the famous “Luther Allison Band”, Benny recorded such famous hits with the Luther Allison Band like: (K.T) and several other songs that are still popular today with blues music collectors.

Step By Step remained with Brunswick Records until 1976, wanting more artistic freedom they felt they had to move on and work with several labels. The group name Step By Step Band had to be changed as it was owned by the Gee family, so each member reverted to solo careers. Dewitt (Boogie ‘D’) Gee went on to play with the famous Parliament/Funkadelic. Johnnie Gee had a number of popular records, in total made 5 singles between the years of 1976 and 1989.

In 1979 Johnnie Gee enlisted in Uncle Sam’s Army, US Armed Forces for 3 ½ years and completed his tour with an Honorable Discharge. Johnnie Gee didn’t waste anytime getting right back in the music saddle and recorded for several top bands and studios in

Milwaukee, Johnnie Gee teamed up with the popular Trumpet player Benny Emmerson who worked with the famous “Luther Allison Band”, Benny recorded such famous hits with the Luther Allison Band like: (K.T) and several other songs that are still popular today with blues music collectors.

In 1982 Johnnie Gee, “fresh out the Army” started his own record label/production company “Sidetraxx Records” & Entertainment. The label produced 4 popular singles, breaking yet again more records with such celebrities like:, “Jr. Mafia” (Notorious B.I.G) clique, “Chic Delvic”, “Bizzy Bone”and Gansta Nip, and went on to sell over 550 thousand copies worldwide. Johnnie Gee has worked with the best producers, using the latest technology and special studio effects for the popular LP ‘Redemption’ recorded by the Universal Artist (Double R) and Bizzy Bone.  After 41 years of experience in all aspects of music, and being a complete entertainer, Johnnie Gee today controls all of his Publishing, Licensing, Distributing and copyrights.

In 2007 Paul Tarnopol, the son of the late Nat Tarnopol inked a deal with Sidetraxx Records/Johnnie Gee to continue and preserve the legacy of music and experiences Johnnie Gee earned over his 40 years as a professional recording artist.

2007 Press Release: (Sidetraxx Records/Johnnie Gee)

M2K To Distribute Sidetraxx Records May 16, 2007: Milwaukee based Sidetraxx Records inks deal with M2K for worldwide digital distribution. According to Sidetraxx president Johnnie Gee, Sidetraxx will be using the arrangement with M2K to develop and introduce new mid-west labels and recording artists. Prior to Sidetraxx Records, Johnnie Gee was one of the founding members of the group “Step by Step,” which recorded for the famous Brunswick Records, Platinum Records and Cuca Records.

Johnnie Gee will be 50 years old September 29th 2009, with 15 classics Northern Soul songs in his music catalog, Gee continues the music journey in 2009 with several professional labels and companies that provide services for indie and major artists today. Sidetraxx Records, Giasia Records, XXtremee Distribution, GE COM Music Publishing, and STDC Digital are just some the businesses Johnnie Gee attends to on a daily basis. To know music and have the skills Johnnie Gee has developed at age 50, is rare and hard to come by these days. If you are an artist, musician, label, manager or a music consultant, make sure you find someone with the experience and background like Johnnie Gee to lead your career, after 40 years Johnnie Gee is still strongly connected with most major labels, and shops Indie artist all the time.

Long time friend “Marshall Thompson” leader of The Chi-Lites and Johnnie Gee has partnered together to seek out new talent for the 2010 rosters at Sidetraxx and, Mer’ance Records, after the death of Johnnie Gee’s long time friend the “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson, his father Joe Jackson and Marshall Thompson started a record label, they also received some bad press, saying how bad of a father Joe was to Michael, and Marshall Thompson was being sought for fraud. In the defense of his long time friends, Johnnie Gee say’s “I have known both gentlemen for over 35 years now; and I have only the up most respect for their skills, friendship, and legacy.  These two gentlemen were key to my grooming and the success of becoming a popular artist, I had to do my best as well for my parents, spankings, switches, and being strict was key to being successful in the business back then, in fact more children who came up in the 60’s and 70’s had a simular kind of upbringing. So looking back to the 60’s and 70’s, compared to kids and success today, Johnnie Gee say’s strong backing made humble experienced artist, songwriter and musician he has become today, it took that kind of push from Mom, Dad and friends like Joe and Marshall to make a child successful.

Find out more about The Soul Legend Johnnie Gee on Myspace:

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Memphis blues music has a very rich and interesting history that is packed with many of the biggest names in American music. Created in the 1920s and 1930s, Memphis blues music was created by musicians that lived in the area, like Furry Lewis, Frank Stokes, John Estes and Memphis Minnie. At first, it was only popular in vaudeville and medicine shows, but soon it quickly grew to capture the interest of the entire nation.

Memphis blues music really got its start on Beale Street, the place where the nightlife and culture of Memphis was (and still is). There have been several books written, dedicated only to Memphis blues music and Beale Street, including Goin Back to Memphis by James L. Dickerson, which came out in the year 2000.

Memphis blues music gained a lot of popularity very fast, largely in part to its unique sound. Because many of the musicians were poor and could not afford to buy traditional instruments, they were forced to improvise using household items that were previously not known for their sound producing capabilities. For example, washboards, kazoos and Jews harps were all prevalent in early Memphis blues music.

Quite possibly the most unique and frequently used odd instruments found in Memphis blues music is the jug. To replace the sound that an expensive bass guitar would make, people would blow into various sized jugs to create a deep and hollow sound. Of course, some of the people in Memphis blues music were able to get their hands on traditional instruments such as violins, banjos and mandolins.

Memphis blues music never really featured any electric instruments until after World War II, when Memphis blues music musicians slowly started buying and using them. Memphis blues music also started to transform itself as new musicians came onto the Memphis scene. This is because many African Americans started to migrate away from impoverished rural areas in search of cities and good jobs. Among those making the trek to Memphis were Willie Nix, Ike Turner, Howlin Wolf and B.B. King.

Still, Memphis blues music remained confined to the area of Memphis. That is, until Sun Records took an interest in Memphis blues music and started signing local artists as fast as they could. Eventually, Memphis blues music would go on to influence rock and roll, modern jazz and rhythm and blues music, and has been cited by several famous musicians in their songs.

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The handset has innovatively designed edges and a casing that has metal finish. This mobile is easy to handle and comes with dimensions of 104 x 46.5 x 9.9 mm. It gives colourful and bright visual experience and its light weight makes the phone convenient to carry anywhere. It is slim and trim and has amazing navigational keys along with shortcut and call keys that are situated on either side. The device is very enticing and brings entertainment in the form of soulful music, videos and games.

The Sony Ericsson W890i is known for its high quality music playing abilities. It has SenseMe music feature that actually helps in creating play lists for the convenience of the users. There is also the built in Track ID that helps in finding the song name, artist and album name from a short recording of the track. There is also a music player that plays on formats such as MP3 and MP4. Then there is the FM radio that can play songs and radio programs for its audience. The RDS system allows the users to find out the name of the radio station that is being played. The phone is great for playing of games that are high definition ones. These games can be downloaded from the internet with ease. The WAP browser helps in surfing of the net at high speed.

The Sony Ericsson W890i mobile can be used for long hours as its battery can give upto 360 hrs of standby time and 9 hrs 30 mins of talktime. This battery support is great for recording of videos and capturing pictures with the 3.15 MP camera of the handset. Its camera can give resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The memory of the device can be extended to 2 GB. So, it can store a large number of messages and contact details. The handset can also be connected to other gadgets with the help of connectivity options such as GPRS, 3G, WLAN, HSCSD, EDGE, Bluetooth, Infrared and USB port.

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ife without music, and just like a human soul without consciousness. As sound refreshes the soul, it forms as a timeless masterpiece of the triumph of human life. What makes human beings different from the rest of the creatures is the capacity to copy and produce sounds using not only voices but also our bodies. This ability reveals powers that imitate the rustling of the trees and combine it with the intensity of the flowing wind.

Human beings reproduce other animal sounds and blend it together as one musical concerto. Furthermore, humanity does more than just mimic them and pretend to be like them. This is the best proof that, indeed, human beings are more than just an ape. A symphony of vivacity emanates from within us as the soul produces music from the core of our existence.

A harmony of sounds combines different tones that convey the deepest meaning of our essence as human beings. The drama of our earthly existence reveals that there is more than just the humdrum of the daily routine. It displays the dynamics and sonic qualities of texture and timbre. It is like going to a room which was previously silent and lifeless. Now, it is filled with endless excitement of music, which has been produced by our innate capacity to reproduce music. Music is the meaningful product to relax and express our feelings at the moment

At the end of the day, we relax to the tune of soothing music as our bodies absorb the vibration produced by human hands. It might be that some type of music maybe noise to another person but this is only because we choose the songs that will express what we feel deep inside the recesses of our personhood. Like a ballad is to a lover, or the sound of drumbeats for a fertility dance.

When words fail to capture the mysteries of our existence, the best way is to produce music. The interpretation of music would vary in culture and social situations. This clearly shows that music is as eternal as life is. As music travels to our senses, it goes deeper into our consciousness. Then, it triggers the most powerful emotions, which reside in the soul. Generally, music can either destroy or build the soul. We can say that music can destroy or nourish life. Therefore, as music heals it also annihilates.

It moves the soul in different ways and when played in a particular mode, it triggers violence and brings them towards anger and hatred. However, music can enliven and fill the soul with what is noble and sacred. This brings us to the most important reality that music is an integral part of the existence of human beings. The present generations continuously collect music from different timelines and place them inside computers and IPods. In addition to this, we have to move towards a philosophical reflection of how music can truly help humanity. At the peak of technological improvement, music faces a new challenge.

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I was weary to go to an orchestra concert one night. My friends bought me a ticket a week before and the night had come. It was not that I did not like orchestra concerts, I just felt like had some better things to do. I paid five dollars for the ticket and thought I paid too much. When I got there the auditorium was filled. The audience was buzzing and I began to buzz. The stage was set up beautifully. Fake stars were hanging from the ceiling and would shine as they turned in random spinning motions. The choir was lit up with blue lights that looked like the reflection of the ocean on an aquarium wall. The director came out and introduced the night and the show began. Every song struck a chord. They would trigger an emotion deep down inside of me or make me think new thoughts. What is it about music that delights the soul. Music is freedom of the mind. Throughout the day, the mind is constantly working out daily problems and wearing itself out. Our comfort in the world is lightened by the sound of beautiful music. Music introduces variety to our hectic days. It inspires us and makes our thoughts flow. Music releases the mind and allows it to be completely immersed in creative and chaotic thought.It aligns our emotions through beats. It changes the way we think through lyrics. Singing fills the heart with passion and allows us to express our deepest emotions. It does not matter if your voice is good or bad, singing brings harmony to the heart. My hope is that the world may embrace music and allow it to reach it’s fullest potential. Keep it in schools. Find music in your own life. Music helps to fulfill the many backgrounds of our lives. As human beings, lets sing. Lets sing for God, peace, joy and meaning. Sing alone. Rejoice and sing. Lets make music in our hearts.


By: Chad Stroh

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The best deals for music CDs and DVDs in London for gays

There are plenty of music stores in London, so what differentiates normal music stores from gay music shops in London. Gay music shops are shops that have friendly and knowledgeable staff, means no homophobic people to turn and say awkwardly “May I help you?”. Another thing that you might look for is knowledgeable staff that can give you tips and suggestions based on your taste.

Not all music stores in London can promise you this but many of them actually go out of their way to please you and help you in all ways they can.

Gay music shops in London

Browsing through rows and rows of music stores in London can be cheerfully exciting but also painfully exhausting. Some of the music stores in London that offer every possible compilation you want in the best deals ever are listed here:

Rough Trade

Ask anyone in Covent Garden, where Rough Trade is and you are lead to an independent shop tucked away in Neals Yard. It is one of the best independent music stores in London and if there is something you don’t find at HMV, you are going to be lucky here. Rough Trade has offset a cult status with different kind of music lovers from gays to hippies and from punk rockers to soul music lovers frequenting them.

Revival Records

Rare singles album, US indie, labels like Matador, guitar based rock – you will find the rarest of compilations here. This shop in SoHo is something that most gay Londoners cannot resist. Their separate shop for soul and dance is a gay men’s dream come true. If in London, looking for music shops, you just cannot miss this shop!

Sister Ray

Whether you are looking for cheap music CDs and DVDs or second hand stuff, you are going to get everything here. Their racks are neatly piled with alphabetically organized albums. From metal to trance, from new releases to single albums, your investigation though tiring will never let you down. This shop is located at Berwick Street, haven for film and music lovers.

Mister CD

This place is jam packed on weekends and most of their chart albums cost you not more than a tenner. Don’t forget to check their basement, where you can get CDs for as low as a £1. Tourists, who are mostly men, frequent this place. Perhaps, this is the reason that you can catch some footie here, an unusual thing for a music store!

Some other music shops in London are Selectadisc and Music and Video Exchange. The latter has branches in Soho, Camden and Notting Hill. The ambience of this store is friendly. However, you need to beware as they have a wacky pricing policy and you just might spend more than you would a week later.

Some other music shops in London are Soul Brother (soul and reggae), Honest Jon’s (reggae, hip hop soul and r’ n ‘b), Minus Zero (alternative and quirky), Resurrection Records (black metal industrial and goth) and BM Soho (dance music).

Benefits of online CD and DVD store

If you don’t have time on your hand or you can’t muster enough energy to check out overwhelming number of CDs and DVDs in local music stores, you can get everything you want online and save your time and energy as a plus.

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The music from Memphis has made such a profound impact in the music world that it has been the reason that the city of Memphis has earned such nicknames as Home of the Blues The Birthplace of Soul, The Home of Rock and Roll, and Soulsville, USA. The musical influence in Memphis has always been thick, rich, heart felt, and varied. Beginning with jug bands and Bluegrass, music from Memphis would become a permanent presence in the music world.

When WWII had come to an end, music from Memphis began to see the use of electronic instruments. Many musicians from all over the country came to Memphis with these electric instruments, changing the sound of Memphis blues. The musicians would gather on Beale Street, where there were recording studios up and down. These early musicians would record some of the first music from Memphis that was classic blues, rhythm and blues, and rock & roll records. Once of the most famous of these studios was Sun Records, who would record the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, among many others.

It began in the early 1900s when jug bands played on the streets of the city, the center being once again Beale Street. Using homemade, simple instruments like the banjo, guitar, and a jug of course for the bass, music from Memphis erupted on the streets and branched into what we know today as the Blues. The Blues is music that is full of catchy rhythms and lyrics about life, work, and faith.

The music from Memphis known as Soul began in the little neighborhoods around Memphis. These neighborhoods became known as Soulsville, USA. In the late 1950s the genre of music was born that was to become Memphis Soul music. Soul is a style of music that combines R&B music with Gospel music. It has been said that Memphis Soul Music is similar to Gospel in almost every way except one. The only difference between the two is the substitution of the word Lord in Gospel to the word Baby in Soul.

The catchy, new, unique blend of R&B and Gospel quickly spread through the African American communities in Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, and Detroit. Memphis Soul music was most heavily influenced by gospel, however, more so than in the other cities. The unique sound of Memphis Soul music that resulted from such a thick Gospel influence was described as unpolished and raw. Up North, the sound had been more polished and smooth. Music from Memphis was gritty and raspy, which is what has made music from Memphis the most loved and time honored music in the country.

By: Phoenix Delray

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