Like any other music culture, hip hop is largely represented by a select few icons. Unfortunately for the genre, it has come to be associated with shallow, commercial acts that are more about the image than the music. In North America, loose pants and flashy jewelry tend to dominate people’s opinion of hip hop. Elsewhere, however, hip hop hasn’t strayed too far from its cultural and political roots, and in fact has grown closer to them.

These “other” hip hop cultures are the subject of Global Noise, a collection of essays edited by Professor Tony Mitchell at the University of Technology Sydney. The book offers a peek into the hip-hop cultures in Asia, Europe, Canada, and Australia, showing us how the genre has fit into the political issues, social concerns, and languages of different communities. Experts have called it a “benchmark collection,” hailing it as an important contribution to pop cultural studies.

The book follows the development and spread of hip hop in the most unlikely of places. Essays touch on Islamic rap in France and England, the struggle of white Australians to form their own hip hop community, the profound poetry of Italian hip hop writers, the geopolitical rants of one Chinese rapper, the unique blend of traditional Maori music with New Zealand hip hop, and Germans rapping about the life of second-generation immigrants. Its spans vast geographic areas, but the roots of the culture are remarkably similar.

Dr. Mitchell encourages readers to recognize how hip hop around the world has been used for various social and political ends. For example, it has proven to be especially powerful in expressing resistance and opposition, and helping minorities feel a sense of identity and belonging. And while in the U.S. the genre has lost much of its depth and become associated with a decadent lifestyle, around the world it appeals to people of all races, ages, and social classes.

One does not have to be fan of the music itself, or even to know much about it, to appreciate how a seemingly superficial genre can be closely tied to so many cultures. If anything, it takes us back to the beginning of the genre itself, which took place in oppressed Hispanic and African communities in the Bronx in the 1970s. Whether you’re an aficionado or an onlooker wanting to gain a better appreciation of the music, this book is certainly worth a read.

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Rap music is something that has been around for a long time and people are looking at the ways that it has changed over the years. When you have a taste for this style of music then you are going to be able to target the entire process in the right way to make a change. You must be sure that you are working it all out and then moving on. We can see that most of the people are spending more and more time getting the free rap beats out there on the internet. This is a good thing for those that want to have some kind of starting point for their own music.

All over the internet people are posting their free rap beats in hopes that someone will use them. This is due to the fact that they are getting some credit for the entire song and they are getting some attention that they have been looking for. However, you have to be careful when you are using the free rap beats because some of them are put up by people that have fewer morals then you might have. They like to come back and say that they have wrote something when you get successful and that is not all that great when you consider the results.

Most often you will find that the free rap beats are placed on websites that have a great disclaimer that keeps them from being in trouble from the content. Overall you have to be sure that you are working it all out and then you can see that working with the free rap beats may be more trouble then you want. However, you can actually get some great ideas from the whole process of the free rap beats. There are many people out there that have a lot of talent and they are willing to share their knowledge.

This is exactly how some of the biggest names in the business managed to get their start. They have put themselves out there and made sure that they are giving away some of their music to be the best that they can be. This is all part of marketing themselves to the people that are going to matter the most. So you need to be sure that you are working it all out in the right way. Most often the people are going to have the best chance for success when they work directly with the person that has posted the free rap beats they like.

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s world of modern music, it seems that almost any topic related to different types of songs and lyrics has been widely debated, discussed and analyzed. Regardless of the outcomes of such discussions, it is very useful for us to develop things for our life in the music world.

While I was gathering the facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find that some of the issues which I had thought were settled and laid to rest, are still the subject of heated debate. Would you like to find out what those in-the-know have to say about the benefits you can get from rap music? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about what benefits you can get from rap music.

When people talk about rap music the first thing that springs to mind is the songs with their rapid rhythms and lyrics, which may only be appealing to a particular group of listeners, namely teens and young adults. This is due to its exciting and non-stop singing, which may serve to make it less appealing to older people. However, rap music has extraordinary hidden benefits that most people usually overlook.

For rap music lovers, it is quite definite that they keenly appreciate rap songs because of their unique characteristics that provide maximum entertainment. There are only a few people who realize its benefits in terms of using lyrics as a medium to communicate with other people and representing the truth of life.

Rap is classified as an urban poetry of lyrical resistance. Thus, it is not the music of villages, like country music. The lyrics of rap songs are generally based on people’s life experiences, and it is essential that you to listen carefully, so that you are able to find out the variety of experiences represented in the song, and so develop the quality of your own life.

There are some other types of song that represent people’s lives, such as those of country music, but what you will get from rap music is completely different. This is because country music is usually about the lives of people in rural areas, but rap music deals with both rural and urban life. If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read up to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

One distinct, noticeable point when you are listening to rap music is that it focuses very much on the lyrics, rather than the sound or rhythm of the music, which means that rap music seems to be the only musical genre that aims to tell people about what is happening in their everyday lives, and what they should do about it.

For this reason, now it is the time to turn to rap music and learn more about its benefits to extend your knowledge, as well as to absorb the beauty of other cultures. But do not forget to listen, and let the knowledge in the song improve your life as well.

By: Nor Nan

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The article is written by Nor Nan. Please visit Karaoke for more information.

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Of the numerous hip-hop genres, southern rap is the most comprehensive style. Encompassing the broadest range of artists, rhythms, musical styles and lyrics, it distinguishes its sounds from East and West hip-hop, unfurling a brand new world of fashion, car culture, nightlife and unique lingo in its rhymes and an innovative instrumentation in its vibes.

In the late 80s, a new sound from the South swept the hip hop scene. Rooting its traces mainly in Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta and Houston, southern rap was largely linked to Miami’s booty rap. Bearing obvious elements of bass music anchored by rump-shaking sounds and straightforward lyrics, the new sound emerged as the extended third wheel after the explosion of hip-hop in the East and West Coast. The multi-million sales rappers of Los Angeles and New York found in the grooves of their Miami and Atlanta peers some true innovators.

Being a productive scene on its own, southern rap spread widely the bass, dance-floor sounds of Miami along with its slang lyrical content. Making the southern form of hip-hop distinct to everybody, it soon evolved to a national symbol of hard-partying extreme. Rhyming with thick regional accents, but following their own musical patterns, Tag Team, 69 Boyz, 2 Live Crew, and Freak Nasty were some of the artists who made huge hit singles with explicit lyrics. Inevitable, this caused protests for possible censorship across the U.S.

Atlanta was always considered the innovative center of southern rap. Atlanta artists based their sounds on the bass-heavy rap pattern, but they introduced a funkier style of southern rap incorporating elements of soul. This distinctive element was, almost religiously, applied by Arrested Development that was the first group to win a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and Best New Artist, and the prize of the Band of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine, in 1992. In the later years, Atlanta-based Outkast and Goodie Mob followed as members of Atlanta’s Organized Noize Productions.

New Orleans was, and still is, the profit-making center of southern rap. Master P’s record label, No Limit, is a money-spinning empire that is in the market since the late 90s. Although it does not really promote much more than West Coast G-funk and gangsta rap, No Limit has found an efficient way to boost product sales with assembly-line efficiency. Another New Orleans label, Mannie Fresh’s Cash Money, engaged in a totally innovative approach and managed to reinvent the southern bass sound hitting the singles with Juvenile.

Some of the popular artists that have made southern rap more popular with their hit singles in the charts are Outkast, Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne, T.I. and Lil Jon. Despite the big hits and big money, southern rap has been criticized for over-exposure as it has happened with other hip-hop genres and with hip-hop in general. Often, rap artists produce their self-image as artists because they know that music would not be the same without their character. In rap, music and lyrics anchor the character because rap music talks about real facts. So, rap’s enemies accuse rappers that they just put on a big hat, a huge chain and try to make it to the South; they accuse them of acting like commodities, not like real artists. Well, if that was the case, then how all these ghetto people did it only with their voice, long before becoming commodities and wearing the big hat? Just asking.

By: Christina Pomoni

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I work as a financial and investment advisor but my passion is writing, music and photography. Writing mostly about finance, business and music, being an amateur photographer and a professional dj, I am inspired from life.

Being a strong advocate of simplicity in life, I love my family, my partner and all the people that have stood by me with or without knowing. And I hope that someday, human nature will cease to be greedy and demanding realizing that the more we have the more we want and the more we satisfy our needs the more needs we create. And this is so needless after all.

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We all remember the wildly popular music videos from the early 1990’s for the trio of Aerosmith power ballads – “Crazy”, “Cryin'”, and “Amazing” – that put Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler, daughter of lead singer Steven Tyler, on the map.  Sure, featuring your daughter in that state of undress might not seem conventional, but nothing about Aerosmith’s career could be considered conventional.

The Bad Boys from Boston have have booked two shows in Los Angeles this summer along with ZZ Top, their pals from Texas with the beards (except of course, Frank Beard, the only one without a beard).  Aerosmith at the Staples Center in Los Angeles has sold out for Friday, August 21 before they head down to Orange County to play the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine on Sunday, August 23.  While demand for Aerosmith tickets are high, our friends at Golden Circle Tickets assure us that they can still provide you with the best seats in the house.

It has taken a long time for Aerosmith to reach this level of notoriety.  The band members originally met in the late ’60s, where they lived together in an apartment on Commonwealth Avenue.  Long before “Dream On” became a radio staple, the band would spend their afternoons watching “The Three Stooges” stoned.  Soon enough, the band refined their blues-rock sound and found fame locally.  It was then that they were signed to their first record deal and their self-titled debut album marked the beginning of this enduring American band.

Not ones to ever be pigeon-holed into one style of music, Aerosmith freely moved from blues and rock ‘n roll to morphing rap music with hard rock for the first time.  Their collaboration with Run DMC on “Walk This Way” in 1986  broke barriers in the music industry and brought Aerosmith to an all-new level of popularity.  The MTV music video staple introduced the band to a brand new audience: some black, some white, but all young.

Drugs fueled the band from its inception through its peak until it destroyed the band.  Dissension among band members led to fights.  Drugs led to sloppy performances and Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry were known to pass out on stage at times.  The band broke up until all members agreed to find sobriety through drug rehab.  Fortunately for us, they were able to clean up and launch the third act of their now-storied career.

Although the band’s albums have been some of the highest selling of all-time, they only experienced a #1 single one time with the release of “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”, which was featured in the 1998 blockbuster, “Armageddon”.  Coincidentally, their only number one single was written by Diane Warren, not Aerosmith.

Cut to today.  Just when you thought Aerosmith could not branch out any further, they teamed up with Guitar Hero to bring their music to a new generation of kids through video games.  The latest Aerosmith tour, co-headlined by ZZ Top, is sponsored by Guitar Hero and you are guaranteed to see a wide cross-section of fans.  Be the coolest parents on your block and bring your kids.  They will be blown away that you have even heard of this band.  Little do they know that you have been following the band for thirty years!

Aerosmith will be joined by ZZ Top as they play the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday, August 21 and then in Irvine at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on Sunday, August 23.  Only Golden Circle Tickets can get you the best seats – the ones unavailable everywhere else!

By: A. Khalighi

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Brett Golbert is a self-proclaimed media expert based out of Los Angeles.

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The history of rap music would not be complete without a look at the performers who make it all possible – the rap artists. Most rap music typically includes one or more rappers who often rap about their own personal life stories, important events in their lives, or social problems they wish to make a public statement about. Rap songs can also represent romanticized or fictional themes. The sky is the limit. Musically, rap songs usually have a strong rhythmic aspect with the spoken lyrics emulating the intense rhythm of the beat. Rap songs are known to make use of many poetic techniques including simple word rhymes and alliteration.

The history of rap music also shows that the instrumental track or beat performed by the DJ often includes the rhythms and beat “samplings” from popular and/or well-known funk, rock, or soul songs. These sampled sounds and rhythms are synthesized, integrated, and reinvented with original twists by the performers.

Two other highly popular aspects of rap music that saw their rapid growth into the American mainstream are break dancing and tagging (graffiti). Break dancers and taggers are now stars in their own right with loyal followers and fans throughout the world. Annual break dancing competitions are now very popular even in countries throughout Europe and Asia. The history of rap music can be considered relatively new, yet it is clearly a powerful influence in today’s music world. Indeed, the musical influence of New York City African American and Latino culture is now as pervasive worldwide as fast food hamburger chains.

Simple and General Blog

By: Andri Irawan

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I am a Nice Guy

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If you’re like every other person on earth, you listen to music and have a favorite genre that you enjoy. And if you enjoy rap, hip hop or anything else along the lines of those genres then you know the rap is a very popular musical genre. Go on any music forum, music website, or lyrics search engine and you will find an abundance of people that like this type of music! Here are some of the top rap songs of all time, of course this changes often!

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Tupac – Changes

Soulja Boy – Crank That

Nas – One Mic

Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil

Tupac – Hit ’em Up

Notorius B.I.G – Juicy

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – The Crossroads (awesome song!)

Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise

If you’re interested in knowing the top rap song of this year, that is a hard one to figure out since rap artists are constantly putting out new songs that are absolutely being eaten up by the masses. But just for a little example of what we can get our hands on, music wise here is a little top 20 list of the most popular albums of the year!

N.E.R.D – Seeing Sounds – Soul metal, alt rap, funk-rock

Nicolay & Kay – Time:Line – soul-hop

9th Wonder & Buckshot – The Formula – hip-hop

The Roots – Rising Down – Hip-hop

J Live – The What Happened? – Rap

Estelle – Shine – Vocal, hip-hop, R&B

Akrobatik – Absolute Value -Hip-hop

Bun B – II Trill – Rap

eMC – The Show – Rap

Atmospehere – When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That “Stuff” Gold – Hip-hop, rap

Here is another list as well just to tingle you’re taste buds of the top 20 most influential Rap Artists and believe me, there has been a lot!

De La Soul

LL Cool J

Outkast (Big Boi and Andre 3000)

Chuck D. (Public Enemy)


Dr. Dre

MC Lyte


Puff Daddy



KRS – One

Naughty By Nature


Ice Cube

Notorious B.I.G


Slick Rick

A Tribe Called Quest

If you’re interested in more Top Lists check out sites such as Billboard dot com as well as Amazon dot com. You can also do a search on Google for “Top 20 Rap Songs”, “Top Ten Rap Albums” or “Top Rap Artists Of The Year.” There are a few really great places to buy this music as well but I prefer Amazon just because they always have what I’m looking for, and they usually have really good prices especially if you try finding a discount coupon code somewhere online!

By: Kristi Ambrose

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This author is a huge fan of the Best Of Rap website where you can enjoy 1000s of videos

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This is a style that stays aside all the other music trends. Not aside, but somewhat deeper. The reason is it is a reflection of the race, the plurality of people united by roots and origin. Rap is the culture of Afro-Americans, the continuation of their language and traditions. Rap is a mixture of speech and music, actually it is speech laid on music or beat it’s better to say. And when we claim that people are united through music, meaning every single human being on this planet, rap unites the ones close to blood by music and then everybody else, either welcoming or being hostile to a newcomer. What attracts people in rap? Is it catchy? Maybe. Those non-natives to rap often state the flow of speech is too quick and it is difficult to differentiate the words. Sometimes it seems rap music is only for those from the cradle. Foreigners are not invited.

Rap is classified as urban poetry of lyrical resistance. Thus it is not the music for village like country music. It is the gathering power of those united by music in big cities. The aim is to resist the grieves because misfortunes are more dramatic and numerous in urban areas.

Rap does not only speak to the mind and emotions, but speaks to the society all around people, for people. If the words or courage to say those words are not there, the subconscious takes over and the Rap lyrics kick in.

But once captured by the beat, most people – mainly younger ones – begin to hear the words, and the words may describe just how they are feeling that day. If the boss came to work with an agenda to screw everyone, some people will “feel” the words and the beat, especially when enclosed in a car doing 70 on the freeway. It’s something about riding with the music turned full-blast that has a way of absorbing the mind and supplying a means of temporal escape.

Some songs have innocent words that impress upon the mind to be released later at the water cooler. Some choruses are catchy and when sung by certain artist will stay within the subconscious long after. Various rappers have unique voices that some people find attractive or along the same vocal tone as their own voice, which it makes it easier to sing along.

First goes the beat, and then goes the lyrics! It is not as smooth and tender as classical music, not as glossy as pop, but it has the scream of pain of real emotion of the world’s harshness. One may even state that rap is the most pain expressing music style. Those who sing it or it is better to say read it revive their feelings not only concerning love, as most of the other styles do. Their message is about life and the problems, especially the ones of the Afro-American people. The music of pain and oppression, rap is a remedy to the latter. Let all the pills be like that!

Article source: Rap Is More than Music article.

By: All The Lyrics

About the Author: is a site which gives you access to huge database of music lyrics, lively music forum and some articles about different aspects of single Music.

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The exceptionally talented Rap artist Jay-Z has released him CD entitled Black Album. I am very confident and happy to announce that I believe Jay-Z fans, and Rap fans alike will be pleased with this one. With the release of Black Album Jay-Z’s artistic excellence is on full display as Jay-Z has once again delivered a brilliant collection of tracks that could very well be him best work to date.

I wish it weren’t the case but, it’s not everyday that I get a CD from an artist that I can just pop in and comfortably listen to from beginning to end. There is usually a song or two that I just can’t force myself to get through. Not at all the case with Black Album. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.

One of the refreshingly nice things about this CD is the way all of the participating artists seem to be really enjoying themselves. Combine that with the overall presentation and you’ve got one of Jay-Z’s most impressive releases ever.

I’m of the opinion that Black Album is certainly Jay-Z’s best work in a few years. A totally enjoyable CD and an outstanding release. What I call must have music. I give it two thumbs up because it’s a collection that even the casual Rap fan can appreciate and enjoy.

While this entire CD is outstanding some of my favorites are track 3 – What More Can I Say, track 6 – Dirt Off Your Shoulder, and track 14 – My 1st Song

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore […as in “Stuck On REpeat”] is track 2 – December 4th. This is a great track!

Black Album Release Notes:

Jay-Z originally released Black Album on November 14, 2003 on the Def Jam label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Interlude 2. December 4th 3. What More Can I Say 4. Encore 5. Change Clothes 6. Dirt Off Your Shoulder 7. Threat 8. Moment Of Clarity, A 9. 99 Problems 10. Interlude 11. Justify My Thug 12. Lucifer 13. Allure 14. My 1st Song

Personnel includes: Jay-Z (rap vocals); Sharlotte Gibson, Vincent “Hum V” Bostic, John Legend, Don Crawley, Leonard Harris, Kanye West, Danee Doty, Cedric The Entertainer.

Producers include: The Neptunes, DJ Quik, Eminem, Rick Rubin, Just Blaze.

By: Clyde Lee Dennis

About the Author:

Boston Concerts – Upcoming Boston concerts, concert tickets, and concert dates for 2008

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